Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Spotted: the first serious critique of Cameron

Alice Miles writing in The Times offers a stinging critique of David Cameron's family policy with lines like

"The cynical embrace of single parents yesterday was the embrace of the boa constrictor. “The weapons have been put beyond use” in the war against lone parents, Mr Cameron cooed, while remarking that “we do want to help girls to avoid teenage pregnancy”. Ooh. Ouch. Just 3 per cent of lone parents are teenagers; the median age is 35. Any stereotyping going on here?"

True she has a pop at Gordon Brown too, saying he has no agenda and is more of the same, but he can live with that. I hope all those numpties infatuated with Cameron's manner wake up too and realize what he's about. Is his honeymoon now coming to an end?

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