Sunday, October 01, 2006

Disturbing Echoes of History

Simon Jenkins, going through the Holbein exhibition at Tate Britain, and reviewing it for the Guardian, makes a discovery:

Then I came to the great Barber-Surgeons portrait, dating from the end of Holbein's life. Take away the beard and remove the crown, and out of the picture emerges not Tony Blair but, of all people, David Cameron

Here's a picture of Cameron - judge for yourself. The eyes and shape of the face are the same.

It turns out that they are related. Cameron is descended from James I, who was descended from Henry VII, via Margaret Tudor, Henry VIII's sister. Disturbing, no?


jams o donnell said...

Hmm James VI/I was called the wisest fool in christendom. What will the D.Cameron be called I wonder?

Political Umpire said...

Well it won't be anything in 'Christendom' since in our politically correct age, especially for the desperately wanting to be trendy Tories, such a religious reference would be out