Saturday, November 04, 2006

Matthew Parris

Matthew Parris has written a desperate article in todays's Times, pleading for a challenger to Gordon Brown to come forward, saying

What has Mr Brown done to deserve their quiescence?..... I still refuse to think it inevitable.

It's worth remembering that it was Parris who started the press speculation about Alan Johnson as Labour leader, with an article in June, entitled, How the postman will deliver knockout blow to Gordon Brown. Of course this was just wishful, delusional thinking - after all what does a Tory like Parris know about Labour, or indeed the qualities required for leadership?

Speaking of Parris delusions, he also wrote an article last December entitled, The Force is with David the Unruffled , declaring,

The Tories’ hour has come. .... Cometh the hour, cometh the Dave

It may take longer for that delusion to burst, but it will. Parris is a bit nuts, and people endorsed by him should think, what's wrong with me?


Aaron Murin-Heath said...

Hacks at the Times usually just follow whatever is whispered into their ear by Number10.

That's where the Johnson story came from.

Political Umpire said...

I think that's slightly harsh. Parris is an interesting writer though I by no means agree with all of what he says. Interestingly a recent article told of how he was sucker punched by Alaister Campbell, who convinced him not to ask Tony a difficult question in the early days of TB leading Labour, without Parris realising that Campbell was about to quit his job as a journalist and become TB's advisor and publicist. I guess that didn't do Parris credit either ...

Paul Linford said...

Not harsh at all. Parris also did a hatchet job on Chris Huhne during the Lib Dem contest, which suggested to me that Huhne was the candidate Downing St most feared.

Anonymous said...

[quote]what does a Tory like Parris know about Labour, or indeed the qualities required for leadership?[/quote]

theres been a Tory to the Right of Parris leading the Labour Party for the last decade, that might qualify him to speculate a bit.

Anonymous said...

why is Parris in Tone's pocket.

thought he was a tory!