Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Importance of the Team

A new ICM poll in the News of the World reports that on the question "Who would make the best Prime Minister" voter preferences were 29% Gordon Brown, 25% David Cameron, 8% John Reid, 5% Ming Campbell, 14% None, 19% Don't Know.

It's encouraging for Labour not least because 37% opted for Labour politicians. Both Gordon Brown and John Reid will be in the next Labour government cabinet, and voters will no doubt be reassured that there are two Prime Minister-quality politicians at the top.

A crucial part of Labour's ability to get back into power in 1997 after 18 years was the fact that the team surrounding Blair had so much depth - Brown, Dewar, Cook and others - it reassured the public that Labour had the abilities in place to govern. In particular there was a "buy one get one free" aspect to the Blair-Brown partnership, most explicitly in the 2005 election. The public seem to like this. They are reassured that everything is not dependant on just one person and that government can function even if the prime minister is out of action.

I think that in the next election Labour should continue to pursue this "team" theme with Gordon Brown and John Reid. Reid handled the summer airport plot very reassuringly in Blair's absence, and having a strong team should contrast well with one-man-band that is the Tories.


jams o donnell said...

You're quite right. If George Osborne is teh best that the Tories can offer, Cameron's team doesn't seem to have much strength in depth. Definitely something for Labour to take advantage of.

Anonymous said...

LOL Snowflake, I must gigle. It looks like most of the punters on political betting and I disagree.

Mind you I only popped by to keep the yank who would otherwise be in 5th place out of the top five on's political blog ranks. ;)

snowflake5 said...

Benedict, of course Tories like you disagree. You'd like it to be a presidential-type contest between Brown and Cameron.

Unfortunately for you we are in a Cabinet-government system, and Brown and Reid will both be in the cabinet and they each attract different types of voters to Labour. The Tories simply can't compete with us on a team basis (as most of the Tory cabinet are nonenities)

wozza said...

the problem with the current team around Blair is the number who will be decapitated by a let loose Brown.

The qualities of this cabinet do not lie in their abilities with their depeartmets or in communicating with the public - we have steruck the bottom of the barrel and the only quality that many of these poeple have is undying Loyalty to Tony.

thats it.

there isn't mass incompetence, but Hoon, Hewitt, Kelly, Mcartney are not stellar performers. just bone achingly loyal.

wozza said...

Brown and Reid will both be in the cabinet and they each attract different types of voters to Labour.

yeah, Reid attracts Tory voters - while the Tories are trying to attract people in the centre. (PR sham as it maybe)

i am perfectly willing to let the Tories have their natural "hang-em-all" constituents back. Thats one area of political cross dressing i do not care for.