Friday, March 02, 2007

Bullingdon Photo Censored

The BBC is reporting that the owners of the infamous Cameron Bullingdon photo, the Oxford based Gillman and Soame, have announced that no further permissions would be granted to publish the photo.

They claim they made the decision on "commercial grounds". As Conservative Home says wryly, " I guess someone paid them a lot of money to withdraw it from circulation".

Shades of how Bullingdon works I guess (you buy people off afterwards).

Luckily however, the Telegraph still has the photo on their website and you can view it here.

I'm not sure this helps Cameron though. It just gives new life to the story. My site meter has gone crazy today - I've had 200 hits so far and it's only lunchtime, and they're all from Google searches looking for "Bullingdon" and clicking onto my previous article on it.

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Anonymous said...

Afraid your info on Bullingdon dining club pic seems outdated as Telegraph article about it still there but no picture!
Guess 'whoever' is pulling it got there too!