Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grammar Schools

Bullingdon Boy appears to be on a mission to convince Britain that his fellow Tories are "delusional" and "self-indulgent". Of course everyone knew that already, hence the Tories losing the last three general elections. Still, it's nice to hear it from the Tory leader himself. Almost as good as Theresa May styling them the "nasty party". (Labour should be using these quotes on their election literature).

Of course, as the self-styled "Heir to Blair", he is trying to have a Clause IV moment as well as try to get the media to switch attention away from Gordon Brown back to him. Whether he is ultimately successful depends on whether he wins his argument with his party. He has a history of caving under pressure - eg launching his A list with great fan-fare about how this showed the Tories had changed and then dropping it under pressure from the same "self-indulgent" Tories who are now complaining about the grammar school policy.

I'm not sure yet how this is resonating with the public. I think people who voted Tory in the 2005 General Election, would not have been expecting this. The jury is out on how they will react. Do they think this is all talk from Cameron, or do they think he means it? If they believe the former, they will still vote for him, if it's the latter, they will abstain.

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