Friday, June 01, 2007

Tory U-Turns

Latest U-Turn from the Tories - first " we will not promote the opening of new ones" (Osborne) and now they are going to allow new grammars to be built.

This is the latest in a series of U-Turns. Cameron was going to leave the EPP within six months - now it's been postponed indefinitely while they wait the approval of some minor Czech party for the formation of a new group sometime in the future.

He was going to assert his authority on candidate selection by imposing an "A-list" - then under pressure he produced a B-list (or whatever they called it) and then abandoned the lists altogether and let the local party associations to do what they'd been doing before Cameron came along.

He was going to put a windmill on his house - and then abandoned it a week later, when he found he was foul of the planning rules.

All these have a common theme - he says things purely for PR effect and it never once occurs to him to check if his ideas are feasible, practical and can actually be implemented. i.e. he has none of the skills required for government which is all about making sure your plans are feasible, practical and can be actually be implemented.

Alastair Campbell once said that he thought Cameron was actually trying to do his job rather than Blair's or Brown's. There is truth in this. Why on earth didn't Cameron apply for the post of communications director for the Tories, rather than party leader/leader of the opposition, which requires somewhat more substantial skills?

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Anonymous said...

It's not "U-turns", it's "S-Bends".