Saturday, June 28, 2008

Boris Raises Fares for Poorest Londoners

I just wanted to highlight this article by Tory Troll, which says that Boris Johnson has confirmed in a written answer that he will scrap the half-price bus and tram fares for the 75,000 poorest Londoners.

He had prevaricated before, claiming he was "considering" alternative options. Nah. He just wanted to hurt the poor. To read the Tory Troll article, click here.

Tory Troll is becoming the main Boris-watch blogger and I recommend people read his blog.


Political Umpire said...

"He just wanted to hurt the poor".

Do you actually think this of Boris? That he is some sadistic fascist?

snowflake5 said...

Yes - actually I do. The poorest Londoners need the half-price fares in order to get to work/go to interviews. He's just made it more difficult for them.

And it was easy to find the money to pay for their discount, even after ending the cheap oil deal with Venezuela as long as he simply went ahead and introduced Ken's £25 congestion charge for 4x4's (and if you can afford a 4x4 you can afford the charge, not to mention that introducing it would be in line with the Vote Blue Go Green business Cameron is always going on about). But no. What's happening is that the poorest Londoners are being hammered and those 4x4 owners are having their charge reduced. Hard not to conclude that Boris is deliberately hurting the poor to find money to help his Chelsea tractor pals.

No surprise, I guess. This always happens under the Tories. Under the last Tory government, VAT rose from 8.5% to 17.5% (hitting the poor the most) to pay for a tax cut for higher-rate tax-payers. I won't be surprised if a Cameron government increased VAT to 20% and hiked the rate on domestic fuel too (the Tories had increased VAT on electricity and gas to 8% and were intending to increase it to 17.5% - luckily the Labour government was elected in '97 and cut VAT on domestic fuel back to 5%).