Thursday, September 11, 2008

John McCain and Gordon Brown

Apparently John McCain was furious that Gordon Brown endorsed an Obama proposal supporting struggling homeowners. The press has been making much of how McCain sarcastically dubbed it the "Coveted Gordon Brown Endorsement".

Some people are comparing it to John Major angering the Clinton administration. But circumstances are different. Clinton was president of the world's sole hyperpower. McCain if he becomes president, will take over a USA reduced to being one of many poles in a multi-polar world, with the Chinese closing their grip on the American throat through their ownership of American assets. Only last week the US taxpayer took on the liabilties of Fannie and Freddie Mac to pay Chinese bondholders.

I for one am pleased with what Gordon Brown has inadvertently achieved. Consider - McCain believes in a 100 years war in Iraq, plus starting a war with Iran, plus attacking Russia on behalf of Georgia. But given how he now disdains our Gord, and disdains his "endorsements", we can take it as read that a McCain presidency wouldn't even consider asking Gordon to "endorse" any of his dubious foreign policies, let alone ask Britain to send troops for his foreign adventures.

After all, now that he's dissed the UK PM, he can't then turn around and go begging for our support. This means that for the first time in an age, Britain can sit watching sardonically from the sidelines, and allow the French or whoever to commit troops for McCain's hundred year wars. Or McCain can reintroduce the draft on American men.

Yay for Gord! He has done exactly what those of us who despaired of Blair's "follow the US at any costs" policy, have wanted out of his premiership. It also means that it no longer matters who becomes president of the USA. If it's Obama, we get someone we can relate to and do business with. If it's McCain, he'll ignore us and leave us out of his mad policies, so that they don't affect us in any case.


Anonymous said...

Once again you are wrong. The comparison is with John Major supposedly allowing Home Office officials to dig dirt on Clinton from his time in Oxford during the 1992 Presidential Campaign BEFORE he was president. It was supposed to be Major favouring Bush.

Taken from the serialisation of Bill C's memoirs in the Guardian:

The press reported I was mad at him [over allegations that the Major team had helped George Bush's 1992 campaign, by seeking to dig up dirt on Clinton from British files relating to Clinton's two-year stint at Oxford.] I was never mad with John Major, though I didn't mind people thinking I was mad because, you know, it always gives you a little psychological advantage."

Unknown said...

A bit clutching at straws Snowflake.

Another day, another Brown blunder- a man who has done more to destroy the Labour movement through blind egotism than any rightwinger could ever hope to achieve.

Anonymous said...

A Classic post. Ignore everything that doesn't support your arguement.
You don't mention that Number 10 have been frantically disassociating themselves from this. It was written by a junior staffer they say. McCain public response has been srcastic, which doen't sugget Gordon's voice is very importnat, unlike Blair's, in the US.
You try to minimize the mistake by minimizing the USA, who are still our most important ally globally.
And your idea that since Gordon and McCain now have a problem will spare us US policy for the next 4 years belies the fact that 17 (at least) Labour MPs want a leadership election nomination forms and number could easily grow.
I thought Gordon would make it to 2010 but now he could be gone before McCain is sworn in.

snowflake5 said...

Ken - the point is that Major angered Clinton before he became president. Brown has angered McCain before the presidential election, where McCain mught very well win. Hence the parallel.

I think it's a good idea for Labour not to get involved with any McCain madness should he become president. If there is a change in labour leader, I expect them to similarly keep us out of 100 years wars and giving military guarantees to dodgy countries in the Caucasus.

I think it's dreadful that Cameron supports McCain's policies from giving military guarantees to Georgia to 100 years wars and starting wars with Iran etc etc. You all are barking.