Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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broncodelsey said...

Loyal to the last and desperately trying to believe your own spin.

04 Conservatives 4.3 million votes (26.7%)versus Labour 3.7 million (22.6%)

09 Conservatives 4.1 million votes (27.7%) versus Labour 2.3 million (15.7%)

What's changed:

-Worst electoral performance by Labour since 1910
-09 Almost 2 conservative votes to 1 Labour
-Labour pushed into second place in Wales by the conservatives
-Labour pushed into second place by SNP in Scotland
-Labour only polling 1.3 million more votes than the BNP
-Cameron instead of Howard
-Brown a massive vote loser instead of Blair

If Labour get rid of Brown then their defeat will be less than 100 seats.