Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dave's Broken Government

An apt pair of comments from the Telegraph that I thought deserved a wider audience:


6 months for stealing £3.50 worth of bottled water.

18 months for being in possession of a stolen television

48 months for calling for riots via Facebook.

How much for hacking into the mobile phones of hundreds of people, including the mobile phone of a murderd child, and then undertaking a conspiricy to cover up this fact by lying, with others, to both the police and parliament?


A senior position in the Tory government.


DevonCap said...

Given the decline of your blog and its infrequent posting (The awards of the past are a distant memory), I hardly think you are giving the comment a much wider circulation.

I mean you seem to be under the impression that something on the web pages of a national newspaper won't be noticed unless you mention it. Earth to Snowflake, time to get your ego under control.

Robert said...

Did you see the program last night 2 September about a gang who scammed £20 million out of people many elderly. Mr Abrue and his gang were caught, they should have had seven years but all pleaded guilty, five years, £10 million is still missing.

So five year being good they will be out in 2,5 years and will I have no doubt a few million hidden.

Steal a pair of shoes or arrange to meet four years get nothing will not have millions to spend.

Life under all parties.

snowflake5 said...

Devon Chap - I did notice that you visited my blog more frequently than I did. Has Dave's broken government ensured you now have a lot of free time on your hands?

DevonChap said...

No more than before.

I take it that since you only ever blog when things are going well for Labour then your long absences tell their own story. Nothing from your triumph of a party conference I see.

Anonymous said...

Thirteen point lead, Cameron's travails look terminal ... Devon Chap obviously stranded on the Dogger Bank again ..