Friday, February 02, 2007

The Hounding of Tony Blair

I have just this to say: he's not even been arrested and charged, let alone tried and convicted. In Britain you are still innocent till proven guilty.

It's interesting that the Tories have gone all continental on this. Are they secretly planning to harmonise our legal system with that of France, do you think?


Political Umpire said...

Having some experience of continental legal systems, I can only say I hope not.

You are absolutely right about TB and the police investigations. My own feeling is that there's not much in this. Perhaps Inspector Knacker's enjoying the publicity, or has an axe to grind, or is just seeking to be seen as impartial, who knows. But we're a long way from Watergate here (in spite of my facetious remarks the other day).

Jose said...

I wonder whether he feels safe in his post. Whether he thinks he will not be troubled when he steps down. Whether he may be thinking to emigrate to his USA, where he might not be persecuted, that is if the Democrats do not turn against him and ostracise him at the same time the rest of the world will.

Poor Tony Blair! I really pity him.

Jose said...

As to Britain harmosing its legal system with that of France, Snbowflake, I'd rather say that if the UK still desires to become a full member of the EU, in the medium run she will have no other option that adopt the system the EU adopts.

Bag said...

It could be worse for him. he could be subject to his own legislation and be held for, if he had his way, 90 days.

He should be grateful he hasn't managed to push that through yet.

Many others who are really innocent won't be so lucky.

snowflake5 said...

Jose, one does not need to adopt Napoleonic code (where you are guilty till proven innocent) to be part of the EU. The northern europeans and eastern europeans are not governed by Napoleonic code and EU law is quite separate from it.

Bag - the current law says you can be detained for 28 days days, and only held longer by application to a judge, who grants 7 day extensions. After that you either have to be charged or released.

The idea that you can smear a man for almost a year (this has been going on since March 2006) without arresting and charging him is un-British. And sadly the Tories and others are becoming un-British in their enthusiam for trial by smear and public opinion.

Jose said...

I am not meaning (excuse me if I seemed I was)that Britain should adopt each and every law ruling in the EU. Just she must adopt the system the EU adopts, in which case I presume Britain would have much to say before a final decision is taken.