Saturday, February 17, 2007

Was David Cameron having a go at his Father?

Speaking of the drug-related murders in Peckham, Cameron said:

"Children learn their morals, no less than their manners, from their parents. And that means both parents - including fathers."

Interesting. While he was a similar age to the boys in Peckham (age 15), Cameron too got embroiled in drugs. Was it his dad's fault for "abandoning" him by sending him to that den of iniquity, Eton boarding school? Did his dad not emphasise morals enough to him? Is that why his son ended up on drugs and joining "lets damage property" clubs like Bullingdon?

Just what was going on in the Cameron household? Come on Cameron, give an interview, come clean and tell us all.


loadofoldstodge said...

I'd welcome any comments you have on my take of Cameron's comments:

Jose said...

I sincerely regret I sent a post this morning to this thread and it hasn't turned up yet.

snowflake5 said...

Hi jose, I've published all the comments I've received, so not sure what post you are referring to. Do you want to try sending again?

Jose said...

Don't worry, perhaps I made a mistake, sorry.