Monday, July 19, 2010

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Anonymous said...

A report this week in my hospital found more bend taken up by the elderly, less beds for the patients, most people waiting on trolleys and in Ambulances for up wards of 36 hours.

Now you could say thats the Tories for you, sadly the report was made November last year.

It found one lady with a serious hip injury waiting 40 hours, now of course people will say this is rare but I've waited 16 hours in A&E when my grandson was bitten by a dog right through the lip, we had to bend him over so the blood would run onto the floor, when we were Finally seen, it took four hours for the doctor to see him, so hive hours later went went home, and the bloody was still laying on the floor in A&E.

so I do not think the NHS is the problem with people, it's more then likely the pace of the cuts across the board, but I have to say I do not mind the Tories so far.