Monday, July 12, 2010

Congratulations Spain

... and now is the cue for Zapatero to announce that Spain only wins the World Cup, European Championships, the Paris Open and Wimbledon Championships when a socialist government is in power!

Meanwhile, in Britain everything has turned to ashes since the ConDems took power - we were bottom in the Eurovision, out in the second round in the World Cup (after coming second to the USA in the first round for heavens sakes!) Business confidence has turned down, the IMF has downgraded our growth forecast directly as a result of the draconian action of the ConDems to take vengeance against the public sector, (the coalition dimwits believe the public sector caused the credit crunch).

Plus all sorts of lunatics are going on gun rampages - first Derrick Bird, now Raoul Moat. You have to go back to John Major's government and Dunblane (and Huntingdon under Thatcher) for the last episodes. And it's only been just over two months since they were in power.

Crime always rises under Tory governments, it rose steadily from 1979 to 1997, and looks like rising again. It's a combination of Tories cutting back on the police while at the same time causing stress in the population at large, which always tips those at the edge into violence.


Anonymous said...

I mean you'd be closer if you said crime will rise in recession or more like depression because this is now a depression not recession, and I suspect it will keep on rising as people get more and more angry about cuts to welfare , labour cuts that is, cuts to benefits.

No good moaning about Tories or labour the difference is to small labour took this country into this mess, not the Tories.

DevonChap said...

I take it that this is a joke post. You really can't believe that Raoul Moat and Derrick Bird are down to the Tories. Whatever drove them to do the terrible things they did had been bubbling for many years, many Labour ruled years. You saying that if Raoul Moat had been released 4 months earlier he would have happily settled down and lived a constructive life?

I mean I could say that Labour governments cause Islamic terrorism since 7/7 and the liquid bomb plot occurred under Labour when there were no Islamic terrorist attacks under Tory governments. Again a correlation but logical fallacy.

At least under the ComDems we scored 10 points in Eurovision. In 2003 under Labour's dead hand the UK scored nil points, the first time the UK came last and this was followed by another last place in 2008. Coincidence? Clearly not. In fact if you take the average points scored by the UK under the last Conservative government it was 94, under Labour it was 68, and that was a period of extra countries joining so the number of available points massively increased so in percentage terms the UK did even worse. Proof positive that Labour ruined the country.

Anonymous said...

It's called New Labour's inheritance tax,we're all f$cked.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same socialist government that has given Spain 20%unemployment?

Keep the plebs happy with sport?

That's News said...

So you would argue that crazed killers are Labour Party supporters angered by a Tory victory?

Oh, right. OK.

Dear me! I have seen some vapid posts but your latest post is off the scale.

snowflake5 said...

Lots of Tories commentators all very worked up I see!

Anonymous1 - crime rose relentlessly from 1979 to 1997. Labour came to power and it started to drop - and the interesting thing is that even though a recession started in 2008, crime still dropped in 2009. In other words, Labour kept the peace.

Tories come to power and all hell breaks lose again - partly because the Tories have a knack of deliberately causing anxiety in the population, which sends people on the edge berserk. It manifests itself in petty crime and worse. The first ever gun massacre came under Thatcher at Huntingdon, and Major had Dunblane. It's a truth universally acknowledged that Tories put the population under stress.

DevonChap - re your arguments about correlations but no cause - if the latest gun massacres were a new and one-off phenomenon, you would be right.

But they happened under the previous Conservative government too - Dunblane and Huntingdon. But mysteriously none occurred in the 13 Labour years - nor under Harold Wilson or Callaghan. So we have three Tory prime ministers presiding over gun massacres and none occurring under Labour PMs.

I also predict crime to rise further under the Tories as they cut police numbers and refuse to put people in jail.

As for Eurovision - shortly after Labour was elected in 1997, we won Eurovision! Shortly after Cameron takes office, we come last. He's bad luck for Britain. He'll probably doom our Olympic chances too.

DevonChap said...

I'm enjoying your ignorance. Which gun outrage occured in Huntingdon? John Major going mad? Michael Ryan went beserk in Hungerford in 1987, I think that is what you mean. Anyone who looks at statistical correlations understands that random events will bunch and you can find correlations to the most bizzare things. For example you could find that 1987, 1996 and 2010 were all above average temperature summers. Does that mean heat caused massacres? A sample of 4 events spread over 46 years iis far too small to make the kind of link you assert.

Also crime fell after 1993 so it didn't relentlessly rise under the Tories (as it did in most developed countries), again get your facts straight.

Finally you fail to explain nil points in Eurovision under Labour, the UK's worst ever performance in 2003. Labour = Jemini? If politics is so important that it rules mass murderers and song contests then you have to account for that. If it doesn't then stop being so silly.

D-Rex said...

The conservatives created Bird and Moat. Yes of course they did dear. And Co2 causes polar bears to die and Gordon Brown was a great PM.

Hardly suprising that you feel the need to moderate your commets.

Nicky said...

Very belated comment, but just to say I agree with you Snowflake. I know it's tongue-in-cheek to blame our Eurovision flop on the Tories, but as regards crime etc you are spot on.

The only thing wrong is that Michael Ryan's shooting spree in 1984 was in Hungerford, not Huntingdon.

Nicky said...

Oh hang on, it was 1987, not 1984.

chris said...

Crime rose steadily from 1979 to 1995 according to the BCS, however the BCS stated in 1979 and cannot provide data before that point. This rise is actually an extention of the steady rise in crime from 1955 to 1995 (no matter who was in power or how the economy was doing) that can be seen in other data sets.

snowflake5 said...

D-Rex - I moderate comments because this blog is innundated with spam from people selling male enhancement products...