Thursday, July 07, 2011

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Robert said...

It all depends of course, you will remember Labour last cock up with McBride throwing stones better make sure you live in a green house with hardened glass.

fact the people who are evil are the people working at News of the world, fact Cameron was silly and stupid hiring Coulson no doubt, then again hiring McBride was in the same league.

OK you says Miliband will be the man standing alone, well go back a bit when did this first show it's ugly head, 2000 and 2001 why was it labour did not spring into action then.

Problem for labour of course was the rules for the disabled brought in by labour.

The disabled the sick the poor could have phones taped, they have to go through hidden detectors or voice stress analyzers, all banking details would be checked by a private company, any council official could enter a property to ensure the disabled people was not living beyond his or her means.

We have been living for a long time with labour checks to find wrong doing, evil people, of course expenses bite new labour on the ass, with four people going to jail and many more leaving power including some ex ministers.

The world changed and it did not change for the better.