Thursday, July 07, 2011

Honest Ed v the Dirty Digger

One of the most striking things about News at Ten was the comment from Nick Robinson saying that the Murdoch empire have said that "If Ed Miliband thinks he can win, he's about to be proved very wrong".

Clearly News International do not regard this as a battle between them and the political establishment, or them versus the law of the land, but them versus Ed Miliband.

How sweet of them to personalize this battle. Clearly they are the forces of evil (not to mention the forces of criminality). So if, according to them, Ed is their only opponent, then that means he stands alone on the side of the forces of good and the forces of decency. And I guess they would know who their true opponents are.

This is not the first time that Ed Miliband has been on the right side of a huge scandal. In the expenses debacle, he was one of the "saints", with one of the lowest expenses in parliament. They say that the mark of an honest man is that he does the right thing even when no one is looking.

His core character is decent and his instincts sound. I'm glad he got elected Labour leader.

As for News International - well Labour managed to force the emergency debate in the House of Commons against Tory wishes, and managed to force Cameron into conceding Ed Miliband's request for an enquiry. Now it looks like we might have forced U-turn Dave into delaying the BSkyB takeover. Go Ed!


Anonymous said...

From The New Statesman,not exactly the Murdoch press:

'By Ed Miliband? Who at the start of the year was sending out emails imploring his MPs not to link the BSkyB deal with phone-hacking, and telling them if they'd had their own phones hacked they were on their own and it wasn't a matter for him or the Labour Party.'

Honest Ed?

Your either having a larf or totally naive.

Mike said...

I think that's Dirty Dingo.